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Reduce Your Energy Costs

If your organisation is considering auto generation of electricity our economic and technical analysis should be your first step.

What we can offer

Many industries have a high demand for electricity and are located in an area suitable to develop a renewable energy project.  Plan Energy Consulting can tailor an economic and technical analysis to your needs.

Power Purchase Agreement

You may have a large electricity demand and are located on a suitable site but lack the capital required to progress a project.  Plan Energy Consulting can facilitate securing a power purchase agreement and joint venture partner in order to progress your auto generation project .

This option will allow you to agree a reduced power price for a set term, before the project is developed.  You benefit from reduced electricity costs and gain long term protection from rising power prices enabling you to break the dependency on fossil fuel electricity.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Electricity generated from renewable energy does not omit CO2 emissions.  Developing an onsite renewable energy project will not only reduce costs but also demonstrate a clear commitment to the environment.   This commitment can be used as an advantage over competitors as customers are becoming ever more aware of harmful environmental practices.