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Economic & Technical Analysis


Electricity Demand Analysis

PEC’s economic analysis calculates the portion of your electricity demand that can be met from auto generation solutions suited to your circumstances.

Our calculations are based on real world figures from generators operating in similar conditions and you will receive a detailed breakdown of the financial model for the recommended technology.

We show that meeting a significant portion of your electricity demand is usually the most economical solution.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis considers the design and location options for a new generator, grid connection solutions, likely planning and environmental issues and how it would integrate with your existing buildings and infrastructure.

PEC will identify external constraints to development including planning consent and potential opposition and we suggest solutions where we can see them.

We will develop a programme for the project and agree the next steps with you.

What PEC can offer

Each client situation is unique so our reporting can be tailored to your needs, whether it is making a recommendation to your board or satisfying operational questions from the engineering department. We can incorporate a number of items into our reporting in order to help you determine the case for independent electricity generation;

  • Trends in your energy consumption
  • Suitable renewable energy options to produce your own electricity, matched to your demand profile
  • Technical and economic comparison of a range of potential solutions
  • Revenue generation, capital costs and payback period
  • Full life economic analysis

PEC can deliver all subsequent development stages of a renewable energy project including;

  • Outline and detailed design
  • Planning permission and Environmental reporting
  • Technology selection and procurement
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning supervision

We currently work with a number of experienced professionals on the planning, engineering and grid connection aspects of renewable energy projects.